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Car Warning Signs You Must Watch Out For

Surprise car breakdowns and expensive repairs are usually preceded by many warning signs that need to be paid attention to early on. Here are some common issues that can become severe problems if neglected over time.

Warning Lights and Brakes

Most modern cars are designed with a built-in technology that illuminates when there is a problem. With advancements in technology, car diagnostics can be used to see how safe and responsive the brake pedal is. The braking process needs to be smooth and easy, creating no resistance or unusual sounds. Since the fluids, disks and brake pads experience daily wear and tear, it is important to pay attention to their health and performance by getting any issues checked and resolved straight away.

Vibrations and Squeals

Unusual vibrations can point to some serious problems with tyres, balance or a loose bearing. Loud squeals when the ignition is turned on could be the result of a loose belt while a squeal when the car is running could show a problem with the power steering fluid, or dirt stuck in the braking system.  An immediate check up at a car diagnostics testing centre can reveal the problem and provide the solution.

Stalling and Ignition Problems

When a car suddenly stalls at junctions or the middle of the road, there is a problem in your engine behind it. Clogged fuel filters and faulty spark plugs can lead to your engine suddenly shutting down. With better technology, turning the ignition on has now become a smoother and easier experience, therefore, any sputters and coughs should be looked into immediately in order to find and fix the weak spot.

Excessive Emissions and Gears

Car Diagnostics can reveal  blockage and build-up by testing emission and residue levels. Black smoke, leaks, and unusual amounts of smoke can be indicative of carbon build-up within the system. Radiator problems are seen as smoke from under the bonnet and it is vital that any leakage is checked immediately.

Gear parts need regular replacement and maintenance, keeping fluids replenished as standard. When there’s an issue, failure to get it checked immediately will lead to very expensive repairs. An inability to get the car up to speed, and sudden increases and decreases in power also need to be checked immediately.

The best way to avoid problems is to book a regular service at a car diagnostics testing centre and pay attention to the health of the car.

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