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Stay safe with a roadworthy vehicle

Every vehicle owner should pay attention to safety mechanisms of their vehicle. Road safety is a priority for the government, which is why mandatory rules have been set up, and it should be a priority for you too. MOT testing is an annual test for your vehicle. It determines the condition and confirms if your vehicle meets the set standards. This is a compulsory requirement in the United Kingdom can covers different aspects such as windscreen wipers, mirrors, seatbelts, exhaust system, lights, fuel system, and brakes. It is applicable to vehicles that have been in use for over three years. There are several MOT test centres that you can approach to get the test done.

Why is the MOT Test mandatory?

When it was founded in 1960, cars only needed a MOT test if it was older than ten years, however, lights, brakes and steering had to be checked every year. Over the years, several new aspects were tested such as washers, brake lights, wipers, tyre tread depth, horns, rear seatbelts, air bags and emissions. With the growing number of road accidents and injuries and deaths associated with them, MOT testing has become the need of the hour. Further, with climate change concerns and environmental factors, it has become necessary for the government to keep a check on emissions.

How does a MOT test centre function?

An MOT test centre checks your car to ensure that it is up to the government’s standards. The test centre provides free reminders for the MOT test prior to the actual date of testing. In case your vehicle fails this test, the MOT test centre will have experienced mechanics to fix the problem. Once your vehicle has cleared the test, you receive a certificate that states that you have complied with the set standards. If your vehicle does not clear it, then you can get a retest done in less than ten days.

Beware of fraudulent certification

While the MOT test has been made mandatory by the government of the United Kingdom, there are certain precautions to be taken. A number of MOT test centres have come into existence after the regulation was passed. However, it is important that you approach an authorised centre. Avoid going to a centre that offers to give you a certificate without conducting the required tests as such a certificate will be fake and invalid. To double check, you get verify the details on the certificate on the government MOT checker online.

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