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Wheel Alignment: Getting Your Car Wheels and Suspension on Track

The wheels of your car can often get misaligned when they hit bumps, potholes or drive over uneven surfaces. Hunter Wheel Alignment helps to correct the alignment ensuring that your optimum performance from your car.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is the adjustment of the angle of your wheels, keeping in mind the vehicle body. Using Digital Wheel Alignment technology, car specialists are able to determine the exact adjustment required to alter the vehicles suspension. It is important to check wheel alignment every 1000 km or any time a change is experienced while driving. It also helps to get it checked anytime suspension parts are replaced, if the vehicle feels like it is pulling to one side, or if there is severe wear and tear of the tire.

An alignment check is also required when old worn out tires are replaced. This is important in order to prolong the life of the new tire and prevent undue stress on them. Hitting a curb or bump on the road can damage the suspension, ball joints and springs. This can cause a car to lower the ride height and affect the alignment of the wheels. Most cars and four wheeled vehicles that have been in an accident will require a thorough alignment inspection, especially if the impact was in the front. The alignment of every vehicle may differ depending on the area of adjustment.

Misalignment Troubles

There are certain warning signs to look out for such as a steering wheel that goes off-centre, or uneven tread wear. Driving your car when it is misaligned causes damage and can be a dangerous position to be driving in. Your car tire can be directly impacted if there is any misalignment causing quick, uneven wear and tear This can also affect the amount of tread there is when you need to stop on a wet slippery surface even at normal speed.

With more technology and sensors incorporated into modern vehicles, there is a system that tracks traction control, stability control and parking assistance. During an alignment service, it is vital that the entire sensor system related to alignment is reset. Four Wheel Alignment ensures that your fuel efficiency is up to mark and you economize on your fuel savings too.

Hunter Wheel Alignment guarantees that after a service you will experience optimal drivability and a smoother drive in your car.

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